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UMC’s Partnership with National Kaohsiung University Bolsters Talent Cultivation in Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry

In a forward-looking step towards fostering young talent within the semiconductor industry, United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), a major wafer foundry, has inaugurated a tripartite industry-academia-government initiative with the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ School of Smart Electronics.

The initiative encompasses an ‘Equipment Fundamentals Practical Course’, featuring instructors from UMC’s Equipment School. A ceremony to commemorate the donation of a host of practical teaching aids and equipment by UMC was held today at the University of Science and Technology, further establishing this trailblazing model of cooperation.

UMC has recognized the University of Science and Technology as a significant source of industrial talent due to its status as the university with the largest student body in the country. This recognition is further emphasized as the Kaohsiung City Government strives to promote the southern semiconductor industry corridor. UMC’s 12A factory in Nanke has therefore strategically partnered with the University’s Department of Semiconductor Engineering to implement this talent cultivation plan for the Industrial Bureau.

The collaborative initiative will allow students to learn through hands-on practical operations under the guidance of industry mentors, thereby building the professional skills and confidence to meet future work requirements. Additionally, UMC has inked a letter of intent with the University of Science and Technology to provide students with preferential opportunities for company visits, internships and future employment.

The teaching aids and equipment donation ceremony was jointly presided over by Zhuang Yuzhi, executive director of UMC’s 12A factory, and Li Jiahong, the vice president of the University of Science and Technology. Zhuang emphasized that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry holds a significant position in the global supply chain, attributing this to the quality of engineers forming the industry’s backbone.

To address this, UMC established the Equipment Academy in 2022, focusing on the training and skill enhancement of equipment engineers and advancing the development of semiconductor equipment maintenance technology.

Expressing gratitude to the University of Science and Technology for its role in nurturing professional engineers for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, Zhuang stated that this has provided the nation a competitive edge in the global market.

Vice President Li Jiahong voiced that the industry’s labour shortage had become an urgent issue for many businesses. He praised UMC’s donation of equipment, which bridges the gap between academia and industry, and appreciated the valuable practical experience that it offered students.

Emphasising the importance of seamless integration of talent into enterprise sites, Li highlighted that UMC’s donation of production line equipment to enhance practical operation experience was crucial for student learning.

The 14-lesson, 40-hour ‘Equipment Fundamentals Practical Course’ co-provided by UMC and the University of Science and Technology incorporates both theoretical underpinnings and practical operations. The course plans to expedite the learning curve for future semiconductor equipment workers by encouraging students to practice basic skills early.

UMC, boasting a diverse manufacturing base, continues to expand its global footprint and cultivate semiconductor talent. As the company grows its production capacity, it presents various job openings and overseas employment opportunities, offering the chance for young professionals to gain an international perspective, experience diverse cultures, and engage with varied job content. Besides recruiting from universities and graduates in science and engineering disciplines, UMC also encourages individuals from various fields interested in the semiconductor industry to join their ranks.

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