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Jiadian Explores Rare Earth-Free Motor Technologies

Investors have raised queries regarding whether certain firms have researched or acquired cutting-edge motor technologies that can deliver equivalent or superior performance with no, or diminished, usage of rare earth permanent magnet materials. Jiadian addressed these concerns via their investor interaction platform, stating that the technology for rare earth-free motors is currently underdeveloped, with a narrow range of applications and no existing reserves held by the company.

On the topic of the company’s new synchronous reluctance motor research and development process, Jiadian Co. Ltd. responded that they are presently in the prototype trial production phase, partnering with the Shanghai Electric Technology Research Institute. Additionally, Jiadian disclosed that their product offerings encompass synchronous reluctance motors. Although the firm possesses innovative energy vehicle motor production technology, such as the 16-inch wheel hub motor tailored for the Dongfeng Fengshen E70 model vehicle, mass production has yet to commence. Jiadian maintains pertinent technical reserves for new energy vehicle motors, and future strategic arrangements will be contingent upon factors such as market demand, national policy, and the company’s development trajectory.

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