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Jarvis Champions AI in Battery Inspection with Breakthrough 3D CT Equipment, Spurring Industry Competition

In an effort to secure a foothold in the burgeoning battery market, Jarvis has successfully developed a cutting-edge 3D computed tomography (CT) inspection equipment. The high-tech firm aims to establish a client base within the year, offering innovative inspection tools applicable to cylindrical batteries of specific dimensions (46 mm in diameter and 80 mm in height).

Ramping up its venture into the battery sector, Jarvis has begun supplying its inspection tools to Blue Oval SK, a joint operation between SK on-Ford and EV batteries. With the potential of attracting 3D CT clients, the firm’s battery inspection equipment sales are anticipated to soar.

Jarvis’ Chief Technology Officer, Min Byeong-seok, unveiled the firm’s breakthrough 3D CT inspection equipment at ‘InterBattery Europe’ and ‘EES Europe’, two simultaneous expositions held in Munich, Germany. Min highlighted the transformative AI technology used in the equipment to decrease noise and enhance clarity.

Jarvis, known for its expertise in AI-infused inspection tools, has surpassed the limitations of traditional X-ray inspection equipment, which couldn’t operate beyond a certain speed to capture precise images of battery interiors. By integrating AI, Jarvis’s solution manages to quicken inspection times and boost resolution.

This AI integration has been replicated in their 3D CT inspection equipment. 3D CT empowers the inspection of batteries in three dimensions, offering unprecedented insights into the alignment of the anode, cathode, and separator, hitherto impossible with 2D X-rays. It enables the assessment of the battery material’s layered state, the curvature or roll of the electrode plate, and the possible presence of foreign substances.

Despite its technological prowess, accelerating 3D CT inspections remains a challenge. Historically, it has been employed solely for research and development (R&D) or sampling inspections. But, with the introduction of new machinery capable of inspecting battery cells within five seconds, industry competition has heated up. Incumbents SEC, SFA, and Inometry are bracing for Jarvis’s entry, which is set to stimulate the use of 3D CT further.

Industry observers anticipate an expansion of battery total inspection systems that leverage 3D CT, driven by heightened safety concerns following recent electric vehicle fires. The ability to detect defective batteries during production can greatly enhance yield and productivity, assuaging apprehensions about battery safety.

CTO Min further revealed, “We also have ultra-high-speed inspection equipment that can be adapted for use with the 4680 battery.” Leading firms, LG Energy Solutions and Samsung SDI, are reportedly preparing for mass production of the 4680 battery.

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